Abdulrahman Aljedaani

Ph.D. Students



​Abdulrahman Aljedaani grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Umm al-Qura University (UQU) in 2014. After getting experience as a mechanical engineer in King Abdulaz International Airport, he joined KAUST and earned his M.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2016. Aljedaani is working as a KAUST PhD student in the High-Speed Fluids Imaging Laboratory under professor Sigurdur Thoroddsen.

Research Interests

​Liquid- Liquid Interactions and Fluid Dynamics, Flow visualization techniques.

Selected Publications

  • Evolution of toroidal free-rim perturbations on an expanding circular liquid sheet
    Ogawa, M., Aljedaani, A. B.,  Li, E. Q.,Thoroddsen, S. T. & Yarin, A. L.
    Exp. Fluids, 59: 148 (2018) .
  • Experiments on the breakup of drop-impact crowns by Marangoni holes
    Aljedaani, A. B., Wang, C., Jetly, A. & Thoroddsen, S.,
    Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 844: 162-186 (2018) 
  • Rainbow particle imaging velocimetry for dense 3D fluid velocity imaging
    Xiong, J., Idoughi, R., Aguirre-Pablo, A. A., Aljedaani, A. B., Dun, X.,Fu, Q., Thoroddsen, S. T. & Heidrich, W.
    ACM  Trans.  Graph., 4: Article 36 (2017)
  • Functional integrity of flexible n-channel metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors on a reversibly bistable platform
    Alfaraj, N., Hussain, A. M., Sevilla, G. A. T., Ghoneim, M. T., Rojas, J. P., Aljedaani, A. B. & Hussain, M. M. 
    Applied Physics Letters, 107, 174101 (2015)
    Top Paper 2015 – Editor’s Pick