Ali Al Julaih

Master Student



Ali Al Julaih received his bachelor’s degree from Tokai University in Japan. During his undergraduate studies, Ali has co-authored and published several publications in the field of material science, including nanomaterials characterization, metal oxides, gas sensors with a focus on ammonia, and was awarded twice by the Saudi Ministry of Education for his academic performance and achievements. In KAUST, Ali has worked on studying surfaces’ hydrophobicity, textured surfaces, and the rheology of non-Newtonian fluids and its filaments generation phenomenon. Ali has worked for multinational organizations in the fields of energy and R&D.

Research Interests

Non-Newtonian fluids
Drop impact on textured surfaces
High-speed imaging
Nanomaterials synthesis
Gas sensors
Material characterization


Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, Tokai University, Japan. 2018.

Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia. 2021.


Awarded by the Saudi Ministry of Education for perfect attendance and academic performance - Japan - 2013

Awarded by the Saudi Ministry of Education for Scientific Research Achievement - Japan - 2018