Ivan Uriev Vakarelski, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist

Senior Research Scientist



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Dr. Vakarelski obtained his M.S. in Physics from University of Sofia, Bulgaria and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Kyoto University, Japan. 

Following his Ph.D., Dr. Vakarelski held research positions at the University of Florida, USA; Kyoto University, Japan; the University of Melbourne, Australia, and the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences, Singapore before moving to KAUST in 2010.

Since joining KAUST Dr. Vakarelski lead research published in NatureScience Advances and Physical Review Letters.


Current address:

Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Sofia University,
1 James Bourchier Avenue, 1164 Sofia, Bulgaria


Research Interests

Fluid Dynamics.
Drag reduction and energy saving by introducing a lubricating gas layers on solids moving in liquid: plastron on superhydrophobic surfaces, Leidenfrost vapor layers and streamlined gas cavities attached to a falling sphere. Effect of the fluid interface mobility on the interaction between bubbles and droplets.

Colloid and surface science.
Force measurement on micro and nanoscale using the atomic force microscopy (AFM) colloidal probe technique: microparticles adhesion, nanoscale friction and wear in solutions. Soft matter interactions: AFM colloidal probe measurement of forces between droplets, bubbles and living cells. 
Effect of the wettability and surface roughness on the heat transfer and boiling regimens on heated solid in contact with water. Nanoparticles selfassembly into functional microwire networks by evaporative lithography.

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Research Interests Keywords

Fluid Mechanics Colloids and Surfaces