Jack Hau Yung Lo

Postdoctoral Fellow

Postdoctoral Fellow



Dr. Jack Lo obtained his Ph.D. in Physics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Before joining KAUST, he was a research associate in the Department of Physics at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and a postdoctoral researcher in the Center for Integrative Petroleum Research at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals. His current research interests are fluid mechanics and soft condensed matter physics.

Research Interests

Drop impact, wetting, pinch-off, near-critical mixtures, microfluidics, foam, mechanics of soft materials, EOR, CCUS

Selected Publications

Y. Liu#, J.H.Y. Lo#, J.K. Nunes, H.A. Stone, and H.C. Shum, High-throughput Measurement of Elastic Moduli of Microfibers by Rope Coiling, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, in press (2024).

W. Yu*, J.H.Y. Lo*, and M. Y. Kanj, Characterizing Aqueous Foams by In Situ Viscosity Measurement in a Foam Column, Langmuir 39, 14711 (2023) (Cover).

Q. Liu, J.H.Y. Lo*, Y. Li, Y. Liu, J. Zhao, and L. Xu*, The Role of Drop Shape in Impact and Splash, Nature Communications 12, 3068 (2021).

X. Shen, C. Fang, Z. Jin, H. Tong, S. Tang, H. Shen, N. Xu, J.H.Y. Lo*, X. Xu*, and L. Xu*, Achieving Adjustable Elasticity with Non-Affine to Affine Transition, Nature Materials 20, 1635 (2021).

H.Y. Lo, Y. Liu, S.Y. Mak, Z. Xu, Y. Chao, K.J. Li, H.C. Shum, and L. Xu, Diffusion-dominated Pinch-off of Ultralow Surface Tension Fluids, Physical Review Letters 123, 134501 (2019).

H.Y. Lo, Y. Liu, and L. Xu, Mechanism of Contact between a Droplet and an Atomically Smooth Substrate, Physical Review X 7, 021036 (2017).